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Manager's 2020/21 Season Registration Form

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If your child is registering to train and play matches, by clicking 'SUBMIT' you are consenting to the following statements:




Consent - I give consent for my child to participate in Studley Juniors Football Club’s events and agree to the conditions outlined above and in the Codes of Conduct.  I accept that it is my responsibility to inform The Club directly of any changes to the details recorded in this form.


Subscriptions - I agree to pay subs as outlined on the Standing Order form attached as long as my child plays up to the end of the 2018/19 season.




If your child is over 11 years old - I agree to participate in Studley Juniors Football Club’s events as detailed above and agree to adhere to the guidelines and codes of conduct that will be issued in the interest of my own safety.


If your child is under 11 years old - I will take part in Studley Juniors Football Club’s activities and will stick to The Club rules.  I will tell a coach or another person if I do not feel well or if I have any worries.


Code of Conduct - Player Code of Conduct - Parents/Spectators Code of Conduct - Managers/Coaches SJFC - Privacy Policy Standing Order Details

By clicking submit you are agreeing to abide by SJFC Coaches/Managers Code of Conduct and to attend or send a representative to every Manager's Meeting. This representative MUST NOT be another SJFC Manager who will be representing 2 teams.

Managers and coaches Code of Conduct